August 03, 2021

10 Most iconic cereal toys from the 90s you totally forgot about

By alan keery
10 Most iconic cereal toys from the 90s you totally forgot about

These Cereal Toys were the must have items back in the 90s. Did you wait until the toy fell into your bowl, or like me, did you plunge your dirty arm into the box to get the toy the minute your Mum returned with the weekly shop?

1. The Mask Pencil Topper.
These weighty bad boys would make your pencils top heavy and ruin your already sloppy hand writing, but if you had the whole collection you were king of the play ground.

2. Weetos Trolls

These Trolls pencil toppers were the best distraction in class, you would try and braid the hair, with terrible results, and eventually the hair would come out in 1 clump.

3. Lion King Colour Changing Spoon

These Cereal spoons didnt only change colour when dipped in milk, they had simba head on top, i personally felt like these were worth way more than the box of cereal they came in.

4. Monster in my pocket

Its amazing to think a lump of moulded plastic could bring so much joy! But damn they sure did.


5. Puppy in my pocket

Just Like Monster in my pocket, but a little less scary, unless your were afraid of dogs.

6. Take That Corn Pops Hologram

Wether it was Robbie or Mark that had you swooning, you needed to collect all 5 of these hologram boxes.

7. Football kit pencil topper

Everyone loves a display case. These pencil toppers never even made it to your pencil case, you collected every one until the dispaly case was full or you got bored, usually the latter.

8. Batman and Robin Pogs

I couldnt tell you what a pog was used for, i think there was a game, but no one played it, you just collected these pieces of card board and swapped them, sounds pretty dumb now.

9. Simpsons Squirt Rings

Me: Hey do you like my new Homer ring?
Them: gets squirted in the face
Me: Actually rolling around the floor laughing
Them: wipes water and shame away from their face


10. Kelloggs Spoon Toppers

Pencil toppers got a bit saturated in the 90s, so when someone at Kelloggs came up with spoon toppers, and the game was changed. Unless you had chunky handle spoons like my house, I dont think Hulk hogan couldve wedged a spoon topper onto one of these!

Do you remember all of these? Or were there other cereal toys that were more iconic in your house? Let us know in the comments.