August 03, 2021

The 'Sugar Puff wee' phenomena

By alan keery
The 'Sugar Puff wee' phenomena

If you’ve ever had a bowl of Sugar Puffs (Now Honey Monster Puffs) then you probably know what the Sugar Puffs Pee is. For those who haven’t experienced it, it’s the strange phenomenon of eating a bowl of Sugar Puffs, and your subsequent wee will have a potent odour that matches the cereal almost exactly. It can be so appetising it’ll have you headed back for another bowl.

 And this toilet magic isn’t exclusive to Sugar Puffs, you get the same effect with Smacks (France) or Sugar Crisp or Honey Smacks (USA) so basically, any sweetened puff wheat cereal can transform your wee into a sweet stream of liquid gold, but why? 

Well, the easy answer is; As your body processes a bowl of sugar puffs, your kidneys have a hard time breaking down the sugars so they pass on through into your wee, which gives it the sweet aroma. The reason it happens with Sugar puffs but no other cereals is unknown because scientifically this has never been proven, but anecdotally we know it happens. If you like a bit of toilet talk, ask a few friends and you’ll find more people have experienced the sweet wee than haven’t.

 Here’s the worrying bit though, if you are experiencing the sugar puff pee without going anywhere near a box of cereal then you should head straight to your GP. A sweet-smelling pee is a sign of diabetes and needs to be checked out by a professional.

 This similar process happens with Asparagus, giving you an ammonia scented pee, definitely not as sweet and delicious as a sugar puff wee. You can also alter the smell of your pee with curry, cauliflower, alcohol, and coffee, or change the colour with Beetroots, Blackberries, Rhubarb, or Carrots. So why not play with some different scent and colour combos and impress your friends.