Cereal Killer Cafe

Unfortunately our Cafes in Brick Lane & Camden Market closed their doors in March 2020. A big thank you to all our awesome customers over the last 5 years. Cereal Killer will continue on delivering boxes of cereal from our website, where you can shop loads of amazing cereals, toppings and poptarts online, and get the Cereal Killer experience at home.

Cereal Killer Cafe was a Cereal Lovers heaven, opening in 2014, with over 100 of the worlds best cereal available by the bowl, along with a full cereal inspired menu from Cornflake Chicken to Lucky charms waffles. Our 90's themed cafe was adorned with every cereal toy and vintage cereal box you remember, and a ton you don't.

There are no plans to reopen Cereal Killer Cafe in the UK, our 2 Franchised Cafes in Dubai will remain open.