August 03, 2021

The 8 Weirdest ways people eat cereal.

By alan keery
The 8 Weirdest ways people eat cereal.

Eating Cereal seems so easy, bowl, cereal, milk, spoon. But there are some people out there who have put 2 fingers up to society and broke all traditions. The following list may cause outrage, disgust, and loss of faith in Humanity.

1. With Water

We’ve all been there, pour a bowl of cereal only to find out someone used the end of the milk, and then that ‘someone’ suggesting water on your cereal, well for some this is the first choice. Described as the most skimmed milk you can get, next time you are in a pinch, just turn on your tap.

2. With Juice

There’s a whole army of lactose-intolerant folk out there, that were brought up on Cereal and Orange Juice, before the world of plant-based milk, lactose intolerant kids would have to settle for cold OJ. 

3. With Cheese

Popping a Dairlylea triangle into your Frosties might seem like the act of lunatic, but I personally met a woman who swore by it. I can kind of imagine it might be a bit like a cheesecake, but then I sick in my mouth a little bit.

4. With ice cubes

This cereal trend shocked the world after going viral in 2015, the super cool way to enjoy an ice-cold bowl. But the idea of watered-down milk makes some people furious!

5. With Salt

Some people add a pinch of salt to a bowl of sweet cereal to bring out the flavours, this sounds in equally parts fancy and dumb.

6. In a Sandwich

Adding cereal to you Ham sandwich is a thing apparently. We’ve heard of a crisp sandwich, but adding cheerios and mayonnaise in the same place is just too much for my pallette!

7. In coffee

A small handful of cereal on top of your morning coffee is a thing, and won’t just sweeten your caffeine fix, but hot soggy cereal is some people’s cup of tea.


8. Milk first

The ultimate psychopath test, and the subject of many online debates. We all know its cereal then milk. The only time its acceptable to add to cereal into a bowl of milk is if you finish your cereal, still have milk left then a cereal top-up is acceptable.