11 Discontinued Cereals we all wish would make a comeback

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These Cereals were sent to Cereal Heavan a long time ago, but the flavours still remain strong in our memories, maybe one day they will return…….but probably not.

1. Ricicles
Kelloggs ripped the hearts out of millenials everywhere when this cereal was discontinued in 2017, the sweet(er) Rice Krispie was a staple for any 90s kid, you can read our full blog on the real reason Ricicles vanished here.

2. Banana Bubbles

How could something as simple as a banana Rice Krispie be so good? I’m not sure, but these things were addictive, maybe it was the jingle ‘the cereal that thinks its a milkshake’ that would play over and over in your head. The Cereal with the identiy crisis was discontinued in 1995, and 25 years later, I still remember the sweet sweet taste.

3. Toffee Crisp Cereal

Nestle blessed us with this chocolate bar inspired Cereal from 2014-2017, it wasnt around for a long time, but it was around for a good time. The Cereal basically consisted of Crunch cereal, with caramel balls, and considering Toffee Crisp is made from rice crispies, Nestle couldve done a much better job creating this, but lets give them an ‘A’ for effort.

4. Winnie the Poohs Hunny Bs

Pooh for breakfast, yes please! Is a sentence you didnt think many people would say, but when this honey graham flavoured ‘B’ shaped cereal with biscuit pieces was released in 2002, everyone wanted Pooh for Breakfast!


5. Start

Start Cereal was seen on cereal shelves from 80’s until 2017, the Cereal was marketed as a breakfast for Atheletes, “A smart start for active people”, but i’d say if you are smart and active you probably avoid a cereal that was 25% sugar.

6. Honey Nut Loops

“Honey Nut Loops, let’s loop together” was the song that accompanied this cereal back in the 90s, but the general public decided they didnt want to loop together and the cereal was laid to rest.

7. Toppas

A mini shredded wheat with one side of frosting, these were a big hit in the 90s, and later rebranded to Frosted Mini Wheats, but Toppas were where it was at.

8. Pokemon Cereal

One of the few Cereals available in the Uk featuring a cereal marshmallow, this cereal was released in 2000, and discontiued shortly after, the renowned cereal has pokeheads all over the UK gasping for it’s return.

9. Honey Waffles

 Back in 2007 the Honey Monster took a break from the usual sweetened wheat puffs and launched honey Waffles, this sweet and Crunchy cereal was similar to Start, but sadly didnt remain on Cereal shelves for long and the Honey Monster returned to his main gig, scaring children.

10. Cinnamon Shreddies

One of the few UK cereals to release a seasonal variety. Spooky Cinnamon Shreddies were only available for the Halloween season in 2014. Shreddies have gone on to make many limited edition, varieties from Coconut to Toffee apple, so maybe the spooky variety will return one day.

11. Toffee Frosties

In the Uk, Tony doesnt venture much from the Standard frosty flavour, unlike his american counterpart who always release new and interesting varieties from Pumpkin Spice to Chocolate, so when Toffee Frosties were released in the UK in 2001, we rejoiced….and then the vanished very quickly, thanks Tony.


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